What we do

Your Partner in Light

At Sulsolar we care about your creature comforts and the beauty of your home and/or business. We translate that in creating a cocoon of light in and around your home. By using light, we create the right atmosphere for living, working, relaxing.

We consider light to be an indispensable part of your home or business. We take your project and pair it with the right lights for each space.

We use lighting in a functional and aesthetic way. We light up pieces of art and nature.

You can count on us to find the best possible lighting solution for your interior and exterior space.


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Residential Lighting

Creating that special and personal atmosphere in your home using high-quality LED lights while taking ecological factors into account.

Commercial Lighting

Lighting in a bar or restaurant will be completely different from the lighting in a shop or office building. We will come up with the right solution for your business.

Exterior Lighting

We address both safety and aesthetics outside your home and business by either brightening up dark areas or emphasizing specific areas with the right kind of light. 

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Who we are

We Light Up Your Space

Sulsolar specializes in bespoke lighting projects for your home, garden and business.

We work closely together with your architect and interior designer to bring in the right color spectrum for each particular area in and around your home or business.

We study your project and choose specific LED lights for every space.

We work with LED lighting as we care for the environment and aim to reduce your energy bill.

We always provide you with the best possible price-quality solution for each specific situation and project.

Finding the perfect light for each space is our ultimate goal.

Our Projects

We are currently working on our portfolio.

Some are up already, so have a peek!

Meet Mark

Founder and Creative Mind behind Sulsolar

Mark started visiting the Algarve with his parents at a young age. After “commute-living” between the Netherlands and Portugal, he settled in the Algarve.

Mark is passionate about lighting spaces so they become more intimate and personal. He started by experimenting with different kinds of lights in his own home. 

He also understood the need for ecological and environment-friendly products and started to focus on LED lights.

Nowadays his brand and expertise are are very well known in the Algarve and beyond. With Sulsolar he offers bespoke lighting solutions for private houses, commercial properties, businesses, restaurants & bars, hotels, and even musea.

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Let’s Light Up Your Home or Business

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